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Doyle and Anita | ID# 127214

Dear Birthmother,


Thank you for giving us this chance to introduce ourselves and give you a little glimpse into our lives and our dreams, and tell you why we want  your little baby to be a part of them. Thank you most of all for your courageous decision. Although we can only imagine what you are going through, we would forever be grateful should you choose us.


Our names are Doyle and Anita. We met at a relative’s wedding, fell in love, and married seven months later. We are the best of friends and are as much in love today as we were when we married. Being together is most important to us, whether we are working or playing. We both love the outdoors and enjoy sitting around a campfire in our backyard as well as spending a day hiking at a state park. In 2007, we became the proud parents of a little boy. We love our son dearly, but he was born with a genetic disorder so we have chosen the path of adoption to expand our family.


We live in the country, and own a small dairy farm where we milk cows and grow soybeans, corn and hay. We also like to tap maple trees for maple syrup in the spring. Doyle enjoys farming but also likes to go hunting or spend the day with the family at a zoo or park. He is such a wonderful dad! He takes time to play with our little boy and takes him along on the tractor or combine whenever he gets the chance. He is so loving and patient. Anita is a wonderful fulltime mom! She has an enormous amount of love for us and can’t wait to share her love with your baby. In her free time she loves working in the yard, mowing the lawn, and growing beautiful flowers. We both enjoy the farming lifestyle as it allows us to be together as a family.


Our five-bedroom home is located in a quiet rural neighborhood. Doyle’s parents live just one-half mile away. They love to have their children and grandchildren come over so we get together often. Our little boy especially loves to go there.


We are eagerly awaiting another baby to love and cuddle. We already have a special place in our hearts for your child. We are praying for you and your precious little one, and hope that you feel God’s nearness at this time and throughout your life.


Best wishes, Doyle and Anita