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Dwonn and Beverly | ID# 127327

Dear Birth Mother,


As we write this letter, we are thinking about you! We wish you happiness and peace in your heart as you make one of the most difficult decisions of your life—choosing the right family for your dear baby.


We are Dwonn and Beverly and we live in Mississippi. I, Beverly, went to teach school in a different state from which I was born and raised, and met Dwonn, a wonderful man who was fun-loving and loved to be with people. Almost two years later, in 2001, we joined hands in marriage for life. We have travelled the road of infertility so adoption became our way of building our family. We have two children that are adopted-a boy and a girl. We love our children dearly and anticipate pulling your little one into our circle of love. Our children have also been praying and hoping for a baby and are anxiously awaiting a precious little one to join our family.


We live on a catfish farm. Dwonn works on the farm, taking care of the fish. There are also some cattle to feed, which he loves to do. I am grateful to be a stay-at-home mom and look forward to being the one who will get to see each little and big milestone your baby will accomplish. Our house is a comfortable three-bedroom house which often rings with laughter and song. As a family we like to play games together and singing is enjoyed by each one.


Our dreams for your baby are to give him or her lots of love and to share our fun activities and happy family life. The nursery will be filled with toys and books which will help your child learn and have fun. We all look forward to watching your child take his or her first step, learn how to ride a bike, and catch his or her first fish.


We live in a close-knit community where we feel the love and support of our friends and family members. My parents and one of my sisters lives nearby. One of Dwonn’s sisters also lives close by. We are together at least one or two times a week, and sometimes more. Even though the rest of our families are scattered around the country, we keep in contact and look forward to the times when we can be together.


Thank-you for considering us.  



Dwonn and Beverly