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Christopher and Michelle | ID# 127345
Nicknames: Chris and Michelle


Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are Chris, Michelle and Cooper, and we are so grateful that you are willing to consider an adoption plan for your child. I assure you that we will work hard to be the best parents possible. We are blessed to have a child now and would love to expand our family. We promise you from the bottom our hearts; we will not let you or your child down. You are in our thoughts and prayers. 

Chris and I met at work and dated for three years before we were married in 2006. We are best friends and cherish one another. We love spending time with each other, whether it is playing a game, doing yard work, watching a movie or spending time with family and friends. Parenthood is something that has always been very important to us. We will raise your child with positive family values, Christian beliefs, and make sure your child has every opportunity to succeed. We believe in praise and discipline, good behavior is rewarded and bad behavior is corrected in a positive manner. 

Cooper was born January 2016, one of the happiest days of my life. We have tried to have children for 10 years, but I am unable to produce any fertile eggs of my own. Finally, after our second IVF cycle with a donor embryo, I was able to get pregnant with Cooper. He was born two months premature, due to my preeclampsia. He spent six weeks in the NICU, so his lungs could get stronger and to learn how to breathe, suck and swallow during his bottle feedings. Now he is healthy and doing well. He just had his first birthday and loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Baby Einstein videos. I am very thankful I get to stay home with our child. I enjoy teaching, playing and keeping him healthy. 

We both grew up in small towns with supportive parents and close families. We are both still close to our families and enjoy spending time with them often. When she was growing up, Michelle’s mom operated an in-home daycare center so her home was always filled with lots of children’s activities. Michelle has a sister, two brothers and 20 nieces and nephews who are all excited to welcome your child into our family. 

Chris is loving, caring, understanding and funny. He is independent, responsible, thrifty and patriotic. Chris is a hard worker and a great handyman. He also likes to fix things mechanically. He is currently restoring his grandfather’s 1951 MG and performs all the routine maintenance on our vehicles and lawn equipment. His interests are hunting, automobiles, history, the military and watching football. Chris has been retired with the Air Force for 4 years now. I am thankful he has more time to spend with us as a family. He is looking forward to teaching our kids to play ball and ride a bike. 

Michelle is outgoing, loving, caring, understanding, independent, thrifty and responsible. She is family oriented, helpful and organized. Michelle’s interests are baking, decorating cakes/cookies, gardening, exercising and doing crafts. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends and helping others.

Michelle is a stay-at-home mom now and plans on spending as much quality time as possible with our children. She looks forward to teaching them how to cook, bake, make crafts, use their imagination, have good manners and help others. She plans to be an active part of your child’s life, through schooling, personal interests, and creating family traditions of our own. 

Our home is everything we have always wanted. It is a one-story, brick, ranch style house on five acres of land. We have plenty of room for raising a family and entertaining family and friends. When we bought this house we envisioned a playroom full of fun and laughter, movie nights, craft time, baking cookies, bedtime stories and outdoor activities. 

We thank you for reading our letter. We can’t imagine what you are going through but please know how very grateful we are that you are considering adoption. We wish you luck in choosing parents for your child. 

Warmest wishes,
Chris, Michelle and Cooper