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Douglas and Tami | ID# 127375
Nicknames: Doug and Tami

Dear Expectant Parents, 

Your courage and the strength you must have to consider adoption inspire us. We know already that you want the best for your child and we respect that. Our desire is to be the family that you select, as we long to love and cherish your baby.  It is our hope that we can to make this journey easier for you.  

There is so much we would like to tell you about ourselves.  We met on New Year’s Eve 2005 and from that moment on we have always been together.  We got married in May 2011.  We are lucky to have many common interests but it is the differences that make our relationship work.  These differences allow us to be open to new things and try new experiences.  

Some of our favorite pastimes include our two small dogs that are a big part of our lives.  Together with them we enjoy going on walks, rides around town, and trips to the lake.  They really enjoy going to the lake because they can run around without having to be on a leash and get to go on pontoon rides.  We look forward to sharing these fun times with your child. 

When your child is young we look forward to walks in the park, playing on the local playground, and visiting family. When he or she is older our plans include taking them golfing during the summer and in the winter we will teach them how to ride snowmobiles. We’re also looking forward to play a game of HORSE, catch, or one-on-one basketball!  

On long weekends we often go to Tami's parents’ lake cabin, and long for the day we bring a child along for all the fun.  We spend a lot of time there in the warm months.  We spend our time there fishing, taking walks, going to movies, having camp fires, and many other things.  During the winter a typical 3-day weekend would be spent either snowmobiling with groups of friends and their children or taking an impromptu mini vacation to one of our favorite hotels/resorts around the area. During these little vacations we will enjoy swimming at the pool, enjoying the water slides, playing mini golf, shopping, and eating out with the little one. 

We live in rural Minnesota in a small town.  Our neighborhood is full of children.  One of the city parks along with the hiking/walking trail that borders the river is a block away from our home.  This is a favorite spot for our daily walks with our two dogs.  Also, since our family lives so close we are able to enjoy impromptu meals together, card games and board games.  Their loving support is also waiting for the arrival of your little one. 

Our dream is for the opportunity to add a child to our family and provide them with the good experiences that we have had.  We look forward to sharing our loving home and our lives with your child.  

Thank you for considering us,
Doug and Tami