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William and Kara | ID# 138152
Nicknames: Bill and Kara

Dear Expectant Mother, 


As we begin this journey into adoption, we realize that you are facing a difficult and painful decision. To decide adoption is what is best for you and your child is a very brave choice. We hope that you will consider us as potential parents for your child.


Our names are Bill and Kara. We have been married since 2010. It is a first marriage for both of us. We both waited to meet the “right” person and it was so wonderful when we found each other. We both wanted a family and were heartbroken when we discovered we had infertility problems. Together we have supported each other through these difficult times and feel that we are stronger now than when we met. We have so many blessings in our lives that we want to share with your child. Adoption seems like a perfect fit for us.


We currently live in a small town in rural Kansas. It is a safe and healthy place to live. There is very little crime and neighbors really do care about each other. Kids can play outside and ride bikes without fear. The school is small with teachers who know the names of every child. We both grew up in the area and feel that it is a beautiful place to grow up. Both our families live nearby. Kara’s sister and her family live down the street. Her niece and nephew are six and three years old. We enjoy spending time playing with them and watching them grow. Family time together is very important to us.


Kara is a nurse practitioner and loves her patients. She is very patient and kind. She loves to spend time with children and is very fond of taking walks with our dog. She was born in New Mexico and we often travel there to a cabin in the mountains that her family owns where we hike and just enjoy nature. She also enjoys reading, sewing and camping.


Bill works for the county hospital in admissions, coding and medical records. He also takes care of our church’s yard. He is funny and enjoys interacting with all the people he meets at the hospital. He likes to play “chase and monsters” with Kara’s niece and nephew and is very popular with all the children at church. He also loves to fix motorcycles and old cars.


We are excited to welcome your child into our family. We can’t wait to include him or her in our family, extended family and all our activities. If you choose us to be your child’s parents, we can promise you that we will love your child with all our hearts. We will be the very best parents that we can be and your child’s welfare will be the most important thing in our lives.




Bill and Kara