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Mark and Caressa | ID# 138210

"I'll love you forever; I'll like you for always; As long as I'm living; my baby you'll be." Robert Munsch


Five years ago, we promised to spend the rest of our lives together, in sickness and health, for richer or poorer. Meeting in college our junior year was heaven sent. Our university gave us the environment to learn not only about our careers, but to learn about love. After we both graduated, Mark proposed, and we married later that year. We settled down in the small town where Caressa was born. Our small community was such a perfect place to grow up that we could not think of a better place to raise a family. Each summer we have hometown parades, festivals and fireworks to participate in as a family and community. It’s the type of small town where everyone knows your name and genuinely cares when they ask how you are doing.

Caressa’s parents and grandparents both live within minutes of our “little blue house.” All our local family members were actively involved when we took on the challenge of giving new life to our fixer-upper. Our home is special to us because we revitalized it from the inside out. From new walls to a brand new kitchen, our hard work has built a house we can call a home. One charming bedroom is currently decorated in beautiful shades of purple, awaiting your baby.  Downstairs, our finished basement is sure to take on the new title of playroom. Sophie Hope, our little white puppy, and your child will have room to play and imagine a world all their own in that space. Our big back yard is just waiting for a swing set.  

We regularly spend Sunday afternoons together enjoying a good meal with our family. Your child will be completely loved by both grandparents and great-grandparents. We’re sure they will be the center of their attention for the rest of their life. Mark’s parents live in the same state as we do, only a few short hours' drive away. Each month, we spend time at their home along with Mark’s two younger brothers. 

Caressa: I have dreamed of playing with my child since I was a child. “Mommy” will always be there for whatever activities they want to do. When your child is ready to start school, I see us shopping together for fun back-to-school clothes and studying hard together after school. I also look forward to attending soccer, volleyball, or tee ball games. I will be the cheerful mom on the sidelines waiting with orange slices :)  No matter what your child's dream, I look forward to being the support system they need to succeed.

Mark: As a dad I would show my child how to change a tire when they begin driving. When they are in school I would encourage them to give their best effort and would help with homework. I would be very supportive of their ambitions and hobbies and interests. If there is an activity they are interested in, I would want them to have the opportunity to partake in it. I look forward to both soccer games and/or dance recitals. Any time they have a question or concern, they can know that Daddy will always be available to listen.

We love taking trips to Walt Disney World and can't wait to travel there as a family of three! Watching him or her meet their favorite Disney characters is something we dream of. Making memories on yearly vacations to Disney or the beach is something we cherish and can't wait to share. Daddy will play in the waves with your little one while Mommy snaps hundreds of pictures of the water fun and the sandcastle we all worked on.

Thank you for considering us to love your baby. We have both dreamed of becoming parents since we were children. On our own, we aren’t capable of achieving that dream, but because of your courage, we can share our love and create our forever family. We promise to help your beautiful child to reach for the stars and achieve any dream they can imagine. We promise to love him or her unconditionally, for as long as we live.


Mark and Caressa