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Michael and Andrea | ID# 138274
Nicknames: Mike and Andrea


Our names are Mike and Andrea, and we are so excited about the opportunity to become parents. We can’t begin to understand how difficult this decision is for you, but we want you to know we are praying for your strength and direction throughout your adoption journey. Please know that we would be honored to welcome you into our extended family and thrilled to love, provide for and guide your child throughout his/her lifetime.

We have dreamed of starting a family since we married in 2007. After years of fertility struggles and losses, we realized that just because creating a family doesn’t happen the way we expect, it doesn’t mean we should give up on our dreams. From the beginning of our journey, we have felt God leading us to build our family through adoption and we want nothing more than to provide your child with a safe home filled with unconditional love and support. We’re looking forward to watching your child grow, exposing him/her to new things and places, and teaching him/her about the things that are important to us…to live for Christ, think of others first and be smart in your decisions.

We live in a small city in Northwestern Illinois and love the weather and outdoor fun that all four seasons have to offer. Our home is within walking distance of the city’s best parks and playgrounds, somewhere we love taking our nieces and nephews and can’t wait to take our own child someday. We share our home with two loving cats, Jackson and Sadie Mae.

Andrea has dreamed about being a mom since she was a little girl. She is really looking forward to singing your precious baby to sleep, teaching him/her silly songs, and reading her favorite childhood books. Andrea works as a Graphic Designer and loves doing anything creative, including painting, drawing, crafts, and decorating the entire house for the holidays. She has had so much fun decorating the nursery, making sure it is ready to welcome your little one to our home. Andrea also loves to bake a variety of sweet treats to share with family and friends, and can’t wait to have a little assistant and taste-tester to help her.   

Mike has a compassion that is unending, and received his Bachelor’s in Human Services so he can help people in need. As a veteran, he would love to help others like himself through their transition home; but currently, he is working as a Specialized Para-Educator, helping teach middle school children with special needs. Mike loves to cook, trying new recipes or creating something from his own ideas. He gained an appreciation for Cajun food while he was stationed in Louisiana, and he still loves to make jambalaya. He is funny and truly a kid at heart, looking forward to playtime with your child, whether it is action figures, Legos, farm animals, dolls or a tea party…he’s ready!

Our family has been very supportive throughout our struggle to become parents; and like us, they are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new family member. Thank you in advance for allowing us to welcome your child into our family and making our parenting dreams come true.

Mike and Andrea