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David and Kristy | ID# 138354



Imagine it’s Saturday morning, cartoons are on, and everyone has their favorite cereal. We are laughing over something silly and getting ready for our day together. Maybe we are taking a trip to see the latest super hero movie, or going to a hockey tournament, or going on vacation to Arizona to ride in a hot air balloon. These are just some of the things we dream about doing with your child. Until recently these were just pipe dreams, never to be a reality. Now thanks to your difficult and courageous decision, our dreams are becoming a reality. There will never be the right words to thank you for the fulfillment of our dream to share our lives and passions with a child.


We are David and Kristy and we are both big kids at heart. We met because of our love of science fiction, specifically Star Wars. It is that love of science fiction that has kept us smiling since we got married in 2000. We are in a science fiction book club at our local library together, and can’t wait to share our love of reading with your child.


We both work in education. David works with medical students and is currently studying to earn his bachelor's degree in business technology and data base management. Kristy is a teacher, and her passion for teaching and helping her students be the best they can be has always been her driving force. We both enjoy reading, watching movies, going to see plays, traveling, playing games, dancing and getting together with our friends, or what we like to think of as our extended family.


We are very lucky to live in Missouri. Although we live in the city, our house is located by a wooded area near a stream. We get all the benefits of living in a city - close schools, theater, museums, and a variety of cultural activities, while still getting some of the benefits of living in the country - streams to play and learn in, wooded areas to explore, hiking, and bike riding. 


Our families are very excited to take this journey with us. Your child will be the first grandchild on both sides of our family. Our parents are already talking about different ways they plan on helping out and “spoiling” him or her. David’s older brother and Kristy’s two sisters are getting the embarrassing stories ready to share with their niece or nephew. Everyone, from our blood relatives to our extended family of friends, is excited to be a part of our new adventure and offering help and support along the way.


Hopefully you’ve gotten a little taste of the love and care your child would receive and are willing to trust us with your little miracle. Kristy is a big fan of quotes. One of her favorites is from Mother Teresa, “We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love." We will do small things with great love for your child. We believe by making this difficult decision you are doing a great thing with even greater love.


David and Kristy