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Ray and Lulu | ID# 149027

Dear Birth Mother:

Certain choices one makes in their lifetime affect others and should you choose our family to raise your child, your choice will have a dramatic effect on our lives as well as this beautiful child you are bringing into this world. Words cannot express our admiration for your courage in making what must certainly be a very difficult decision. We know and totally understand that it is not easy!

Life is a beautiful, precious thing and having the ability to create life is even greater. We have been trying to have children for the past eight years and have been through seven unsuccessful In Vitro Fertilization procedures. Last year we enlisted the aid of a surrogate carrier only to have the baby miscarry in week 17 of the pregnancy. We have been dealt a rather bad hand in having the chance to have a baby on our own so we have chosen the adoption road to fulfill our dreams and those of a child.

If you find it in your heart to allow us the opportunity to adopt and raise this beautiful child, we promise to provide the foundation of love, education and family that will enable him or her to succeed in whatever endeavors he or she chooses in life. Trust us when we tell you that we have the ability and desire to ensure that your child will never lack the love or confidence that is required for success.

Both Lulu and I are well traveled, college educated and bilingual. Fun and humor are a big part of our relationship and we do virtually everything together. We are strong believers in education as being the key to a person’s success in the world that we live in. We want so much to have the opportunity to raise a family and to share our love and experiences.

We were married in 2004 after a long distance relationship spanning Europe and Asia. Lulu is currently a senior manager at a major stock brokerage firm and I am currently an executive for a multinational media technology company. We reside in Nebraska which, with the exception of the cold winters, is a “great place” to raise children, with family values and honesty being the norm rather than the exception. Our city is the home of two major universities and two medical schools as well as headquarters for several major corporations. The city itself is just small enough so people still say hi and thank you and a bad traffic jam lasts five minutes!

We know the choice is difficult and it is a choice that must be carefully weighed and evaluated by you to assure the happiness of your child. We strongly believe that if you should decide to give us the opportunity and meet with us that you will come to the conclusion that we are a loving, caring couple that can provide and care for the child you have been fortunate enough to bring into this world. We will raise your child to blossom into a person that we will all be proud of!

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read our letter and God bless you and help you in making the right decision!

With love & respect we remain,

Lulu & Ray