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David and Kendra | ID# 149213
Nicknames: Dave and Kendra


We thank you for taking the time to look into our life and give us the opportunity to open our hearts and home to a child.

David and I came from loving and supportive families. David has one brother who he speaks to frequently. I have one brother and two sisters. Even though I do not live near my siblings, we all get together multiple times throughout the year for annual camping and fishing trips. When it comes time for deer season we travel up north for as long as possible to be with family and support each other’s deer hunting adventures.

We both wanted to purchase a home with a lot of space on the property to enjoy the activities we grew up loving like camping, hunting, fishing and riding four-wheelers. After marriage we moved into a house in the woods with ten acres. We utilize our large yard for our three dogs to run and play just like we imagine our children doing. The additional space will give your child  the freedom to play outside whenever possible.

Choosing the location of our home was important to us as well as having a safe neighborhood, reliable neighbors and police presence. We have a Division A school district nearby ranked for a great sports and education program. Our current neighbor’s children are able to walk from the school bus stop without any issues because everyone watches out for each other here. A great education will also be a vital aspect for your child, making sure he or she has the opportunity for a college education.

My education was key in achieving my life goal to become a Registered Nurse. I love to help people and am a natural caregiver. I work in the emergency department of an inner city public hospital and have treated many challenging patients that have given me the experience to deal with any surprises a child may bring if they become injured or sick.

David’s education was important to his success in becoming an Automotive Engineer. He has experience in understanding the automotive industry and its requirements for attention to detail. He is required to financially plan years in advance to meet the goals of the industry and will apply that to our family’s future.

Our goal for your child’s life will be to make sure that they have many experiences, broad education and know when to allow for fun in their life. We will help your child to become a successful, happy and independent adult. With our support and our family’s support, we will make sure your child becomes a great contributor to the society that we live in no matter what they choose to do in life.

We hope that this brief view of our life has given you a glimpse of how we would raise your child. We can only assure you that your child will be surrounded by love, opportunities, and a lifetime of support.

Warmest Regards, 

Kendra and David