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Robert and Brooke | ID# 1510015
Nicknames: Bob and Brooke

Dear Expectant Mother,

We know the decision you are about to make is very challenging, and you have given it a tremendous deal of thought and consideration. We admire your strength, courage, and selflessness. We know choosing adoptive parents for your baby will not be an easy decision for you to make. We hope our letter will help you get to know us and make your difficult decision a bit easier for you. 

Eleven years ago we met through an online dating website. After dating for three short months, we were engaged to be married.  About three years into our marriage we decided we were ready to start a family of our own. However, we were unable to conceive a child so we went through fertility treatments for about two years, and yielded unsuccessful results. We were heartbroken when we thought we wouldn’t have a child of our own. Then, we decided to give the foster-to-adopt program a try. We waited on a list for about nine months until we finally received an emergency call. We were selected to foster two Hispanic girls ages 13 months and 3-years-old.  We were completely ecstatic! During the time period the girls lived with us we made precious memories with them. We went to Myrtle Beach on vacation, the zoo, amusement parks, Bethany Beach, North Carolina to visit family, colored, sang, danced, and many other hands-on activities.  The girls continued to live with us for twenty months until they were returned to their birth mother. Once again, we were heartbroken and devastated. Finally, after talking to one of our close friends who had adopted, we made the decision to adopt a baby. 

In our spare time we like to be very active.  Some of the things we enjoy doing together include working in our yard, hiking, biking, watching movies, spending time with family and friends, and going out to dinner. We are both avid hockey fans and attend several Philadelphia Flyers games during the hockey season. Another activity that we tremendously enjoy is traveling. Since we are both teachers, we like to spend some of our summer traveling to different places such as Hawaii, Jamaica, Florida, Outer Banks, Mexico, Las Vegas, Maine, Delaware, and New York.  Each of us also enjoys activities on their own. Robert enjoys hunting and fishing, and Brooke enjoys reading, shopping, exercising, and crafting.  We also enjoy taking our two dogs, Toby and Zoey, along with us on walks or hikes.

Our home was recently built on two-acres. Our backyard is very spacious and completely fenced in. You can sit on our patio on a spring evening and see deer or turkeys grazing in the field behind our house. We live very close to both of our parents. Brooke’s parents live about five minutes away in the same town, and Robert’s parents live about fifteen minutes away in a nearby town. This is very important to us because we have a great relationship with both grandparents and we want our child to as well. Family is extremely important to us!

Thank you for taking the time to consider us and view our profile. We would be extremely honored to provide your baby with a loving, caring, and safe place to live. We will give your baby the best opportunities so he or she can accomplish their goals and live out their dreams.

Brooke and Robert