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Jason and Erin | ID# 1510024

Dear Expectant Mother, 

Thank you for taking time to consider us as adoptive parents for your child. We respect and acknowledge that what you are going through must be a difficult and challenging time in your life. We know you love your child and are trying to make sure they will have a good life. 

We are Jason and Erin. We have been married for seven years and live in southern California. We have been trying to grow our family for over five years. We always knew we would adopt a child if having our own wasn’t possible. 

A mutual friend set us up nine years ago. Both of us were intrigued by our differences, but also recognized our common interests such as our love for the outdoors. We enjoy long walks along the beach, attending baseball games and barbecuing with family and friends. We also enjoy weekend getaways to towns up and down the coast or to our local mountains. Growing up we were both taught the importance of education and hard work to be successful in life. We strongly believe your child will receive a strong education in the district where Erin teaches, which is rated one of the top school districts in California. 

We live in a safe beach community. We feel very fortunate to live only a couple miles from the beach where we often ride our bikes to in just fifteen minutes. Our home is welcoming and filled with music and laughter. There is a large green space to play on and several local parks to walk to. We live across from the gated community pool, basketball and tennis courts. Our city has many events throughout the year that we enjoy being a part of such as weekly Farmer’s Market, concerts in the park, and beach events.   

We have family near and far that can’t wait to welcome a child into our lives. Our parents live close by and would be an active part of your child’s life. They’ll enjoy watching another grandchild experience new activities like swimming in their backyard pool, and going to the aquarium, children’s museums, and theme parks. Although our siblings live at a distance, we see them as much as we can throughout the year. They are thrilled to meet a new niece or nephew and to introduce them to his or her cousins who range in ages from 2 years to age 24. Erin’s family enjoys taking yearly family vacations whether it’s to Lake Tahoe (near Erin’s brother), Palm Springs, or camping in Yosemite. We also have close friends who have young children that call us Auntie Erin and Uncle Jason. We enjoy spending time with them at beach bonfires or kayaking in the local harbors. 

Erin, being an elementary school teacher, understands the importance of allowing a child to explore and be creative. Erin can’t wait to be a mom and spend time nurturing a child’s independence. She is strong, determined and very focused on creating and maintaining a beautiful, comforting and supportive home. She enjoys scrapbooking, snow skiing, travel, and finding new, healthy recipes to cook on Pinterest. We spend much of our free time together, which epitomizes our friendship and love for one another. We are thrilled that we can share our unconditional love with a child of our own. 

Jason is positive, upbeat and finds the good in every situation. He is a calming force in our relationship and his easygoing nature allows us to enjoy the simple things in life. Relaxation and having fun is important to him as he works very hard throughout the week. Jason is an attorney and he looks forward to helping others daily. In his free time, Jason enjoys running, golfing, reading, listening to music, sports, and, let’s be honest, he loves playing on his XBOX when he has a few minutes alone. Children are drawn to Jason’s silly and playful personality. He looks forward to sharing his life with a child. 

We hope you know that your child will be given love, guidance and encouragement to become a successful individual in our home. We look forward to enjoying everything a child has to offer and would be so honored and grateful should you decide to choose us as parents. 

With much love and gratitude,
Jason and Erin