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James and Lisa | ID# 1510044
Nicknames: Wayne and Lisa


We first want to thank you for considering us to be adoptive parents to your child. We understand the decision you are considering is so difficult and confusing, and want you to know that we would be eternally grateful should you ask us to be the adoptive parents to your child. We know that you love your child and are only trying to make sure that he or she will have a good life.   

We desperately want to grow our family, but the health risks to Lisa are simply too high for her to go through another pregnancy.  Having a little brother or sister for our son, Leo, would be a dream come true for us. The thought of him playing on the playground or swimming in the pool with a little brother or little sister would be wonderful. 

Please know that Wayne, my husband, has worked hard to progress his career in banking and making sure we are well provided for.  But he also makes sure to always put his family before his career.  He is warm, compassionate and most of all, fun! He is a wonderful father and man. There is nothing my son loves more than to curl up in his chair and have Daddy read books to him before he goes to sleep. Our son worships the ground he walks on!

My wife, Lisa, is a beautiful, nurturing woman. She chose a career in nursing as she loves helping people at the time that they need it most. She has a heart of gold and takes wonderful care of our son. She is blessed with a sixth sense of always knowing exactly what our son needs and loves him more than life itself. She wants nothing more than the opportunity take your child into our family as our own.

We love our life as a family, and do our very best to enjoy every day together, whether that is a trip to Disneyland, going to ride the local carousel, or just going to the grocery store. We know that family time will be the memories we cherish.

We wish you nothing but the best for you and your child as you make this incredibly difficult decision. Please know that should you elect to choose us as adoptive parents, we will love your baby beyond words and do our very best to give them a good life. We would be overjoyed, delighted, thrilled, ecstatic…simply speechless!!!  We would be so grateful for the opportunity to help you and your child during this time.

Kindest regards,

Wayne and Lisa