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Emmett and Dawn | ID# 1510057

Warm greetings from Dawn and Emmett,

We would like to acknowledge the deep love you must have for your child. We don’t know all of the circumstances that have brought us together, and perhaps the experience of going through this process has been complex and profound for you. Part of this process is also the expansion of a new family. We honor our relationship with you, as well as the rest of our family, with the utmost reverence, care, and gratitude.

We would be proud to be adoptive parents. We want our child to know where she comes from.

We want her to know about how her mother made the effort to put her on a life path where she will be nurtured and have her needs met. We think it's healthy for her to understand the relationship that the birth and adoptive families have collaborated on to give her the best.  If it is your preference, we are open to sharing highlights of her life.  We will show utmost respect and consideration for you as we speak of you and her beginnings.

We have known since we first met 11 years ago that we wanted to adopt. Our idea of love and parenting is not necessarily tied to having a biological child of our own.  We have lots of love to share!  And we are ready.  We have nurtured our amazing 8 year marriage, traveled the world, and loved the heck out of our pets.  We have established our careers, created a wonderful home, we are happy and inspired.  Now we are on to the next great journey - sharing our lives with a baby!  Thank you endlessly for giving us this chance to fulfill our dream.

Our story:  We are a classic case of “opposites attract.”

Emmett is a laid back, loving, and sincerely kind-hearted person. People have said he has a “salt- of-the-earth” quality about him.  He was raised by an artist and a social worker, who both value kindness and compassion. His family loves art and music. We often get together for family dinners, which are full of laughter and storytelling.  We enjoy listening to Emmett and his dad play their guitars and sing and write songs together.

Dawn is warm, vibrant and outgoing. When people speak of Dawn, they speak of her fun-loving humor and big personality, but also her structured approach to life and deep commitment to personal growth.  She grew up in a goal-oriented family that takes pride in their achievements but also know how to loosen up and enjoy life to the fullest. Her family loves to travel, boat and camp together, and has travelled all over the world in their adventures. Recently 4 generations traveled together to Costa Rica on an amazing family vacation!

What these two families have in common are authenticity, MUCH laughter, & a deep sense of love and commitment to each other.

Emmett has a great career managing a team of technical engineers at the largest bank in the country. He has the flexibility of working from home, which will be great when we have a little one in our lives. Dawn started her successful interior design firm which is 5 minutes from home. We are both passionate about what we do professionally.  Part of what makes us successful in our work is that we have flexible schedules, which allows us time and space to prioritize our family.

We live in Northern California, and our home is perched above a gorgeous lake.  We have panoramic views of the lake, which is a nature preserve in the midst of a vibrant and bustling urban area. Every day we look out our window and consider ourselves fortunate to live in this beautiful and diverse place. At the same time, we are also planning for our future with our child and are already thinking about her education. As such, we will be moving to a quieter, more family-oriented part of the county as she grows into her toddler years. The town we’re moving to is culturally diverse and also enjoys the best weather and top-ranked schools. It is a safe, lively place located in an area of incomparable natural beauty, and also has a charming and vibrant downtown.  In addition, its minutes away from major cities, so we can immerse our daughter in everything they have to offer while having a quieter home to return to at the end of the day. Another advantage of this move will be that Dawn’s office will be located in our home, so she can spend even more time enjoying our new family. With both parents working from home and with flexible schedules, we’ll have plenty of family time even throughout the work week.

Both of our sets of parents have been married for over 40 years, are in happy relationships, and are beyond thrilled to be grandparents! Dawn's parents are only a short flight away in Southern California, where we visit frequently.  Emmett's parents live 3 miles away and have spoken about their early retirements so that they can spend more time with their grandchild.  We are very happy about our support system, and the extended family that will help us shape our daughter’s life. They are brilliant, loving people and there will be no shortage of eager babysitters here.

We imagine our life with our child, experiencing the world by camping, boating, and participating in the arts and culture that surrounds us. We love taking our dog for walks in the woods and along the coast, and we can't wait for our daughter to join us on these family excursions. What we are looking forward to most is the time that we will spend together as a family at home.  We love to frequent our local farmer’s market and cook healthy, seasonal food together.  We listen to and create music, cuddle during movies, play games, and goof around with our pets (a small rescue dog and two kitties). We can only imagine how much joy and laughter will come into our home when a baby daughter arrives!

On a deeper level, we hope to teach our child to be tolerant, live in the moment, love the people around her, and aspire to whatever her heart desires.  With our varying backgrounds and love for our families, we celebrate the differences that make us all unique and special.  

We will love this child with everything that we have to give.  She will have a life full of laughter and limitless love and will be surrounded by an incredible cast of characters who support and adore her.

We hold you in our hearts as an integral part of our family. As this little one grows, we are sure we will recognize qualities within her that she has inherited from you.  For those gifts, we are immeasurably thankful.

With love,
Emmett and Dawn