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Daniel and Donna | ID# 1510060

Dear Precious Birth Mother, 

It is hard to put into words our gratitude for such a selfless act such as you are choosing. First off we want to start by saying thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have decided to go down a path that is most certainly not an easy one, yet nonetheless courageous. For this we are eternally grateful. Our prayer is that you find comfort in knowing that your child will be deeply loved and nurtured as we intend to provide a stable, happy home where he or she will feel safe and thrive. Our strongest desire is to keep the Lord at the center of our home. In doing so we will attend church regularly as well as pray for one another always. Also we are a part of a weekly Bible Study and are blessed to gather together two times out of the month in our home, so your child will be surrounded with loving families and children to play with. 

We have been married for a great length of time and always knew that one day we would have children. Fairly early on we had found out through medical testing that we had fertility problems. After years of trying for a baby through medical intervention, Donna finally became pregnant only to lose the baby 9 weeks into the pregnancy. Not giving up on our longing to be a family we opened our hearts and home and became foster parents to two precious children. The rewards of that experience taught us to love in a way we didn't know we were capable of, and our lives were so uniquely touched and forever changed. As fulfilling as this was, it was heart breaking as well because fostering isn't always permanent. We so desired to have a little one we could love as our own. 

We really believe the waiting process for us to have a family has only drawn us closer to each other and the Lord, who has been our rock and strength through the years. A scripture that has always been one of our favorites: "Faith is the substance of things Hoped for and the evidence of things not seen" Hebrew 11:1. We felt our next step towards becoming a family would be through private adoption and in 2013 we got the best phone call of our life. We were chosen by a couple who so graciously put their trust in us to love and raise their precious baby girl. We have been so blessed beyond anything we could ever have imaged with her. Hannah is now a toddler, running all over the place, beginning to talk and loves to sing and dance. She is most definitely the joy of our lives and adds so much laughter to our home. In saying all of this we do not feel like we are complete and would love to give her a brother or sister to play with and experience life with as they grow. 

Our home is filled with music, singing, laughter and love. It’s not unusual to find us dancing around acting silly with one another. Your child will have lots of hugs and kisses and be spoiled with not only our affection, but that of our family and friends as well. Our entire family and friends have waited for these children and much prayer has gone out on behalf of these little miracles. We enjoy getting out and walking several times a week and often find a neighbor joining in with us. Hannah is my little helper now as I work in the garden. We also enjoy bike rides, hiking, movies, cooking, baking, crafts, scrap-booking and we love to travel. 

Daniel is a great provider for our family, and is very conscientious and hardworking. He is a union carpenter supervisor who is well respected in the industry, to which he has dedicated himself for many years. He is definitely a visionary and has transformed our home into a beautiful masterpiece through his creativity; truly, he never ceases to amaze me. Watching Daniel become a father has brought out a quality I had not yet seen before – he's such a natural. He is so attentive to our daughter’s needs, as well as being playful, fun, silly and so incredibly loving and sensitive. Our daughter absolutely adores her daddy and they have many tea parties together. :) 

Donna had a career for many years and recently stopped working to be a stay-at-home mother. She is very outgoing, fun, loving, caring, and is such an encourager. I have watched her with our daughter as she spontaneously creates a simple song that puts a smile on her face and mine. Donna is a natural born mother, which she does effortlessly. Children are truly drawn to her and she views each one as a precious gift from the Lord. She makes our home smell sweet with the aroma of fresh baked cookies and worship music sounding the halls. 

Our hope is that we provided you with a glimpse into our hearts and home and that you may find comfort in knowing how truly loved and cherished your gift to us will be. Your sacrificial love for your child will be our answer to the many prayers we have prayed. 

Warmest Regards,
Daniel and Donna