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Paul and Julie | ID# 1510130

Dear Expectant Mother, 

Our names are Paul and Julie and we are so excited to start the journey of adoption again. We want to thank you for choosing adoption. Although we have taken different roads, our roads have crossed here for a reason. We are firm believers that everything happens for a reason. We may not understand why things happen at times, but we know the reason will someday reveal itself to us. 

We are not going to pretend to know what you are going through and could never completely understand. All we can do is try to understand and try to put ourselves in your shoes. We realize everyone has different situations and reasons they make the choices they do. The decision to trust two people with a huge piece of your heart is tremendous. If you choose adoption and happen to trust us with that piece of your heart, you will absolutely always remain in ours. You will see your child grow up through the years through pictures and letters if you desire. Your child will know he/she was adopted from the beginning. He/she will know where he/she came from, will know you love him/her, and will understand the love and sacrifice it took to make this decision. 

We realize many people say this, but the decision to adopt was truly super easy for us. Shortly after getting married, we found out we would not be able to have a biological child. Although Paul had two children from a previous marriage who were and are a large part of our lives, we wanted to start our own little family. Julie has always wanted to be a mother since she can remember. We decided against any fertility treatments and began the adoption process. We didn’t care if our child looked or sounded like us, but only wanted to be awesome parents to the little person we’ve been waiting for. 

In October of 2013, our lives were changed by two wonderful people who chose us to be Cole’s parents. We were so blessed to have been chosen to be the parents of this perfect, handsome, smart, funny little guy. Cole was meant to be a part of our family and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Like we said before, everything happens for a reason. We both fell instantly in love with Cole and would do absolutely anything for this awesome person. We can’t even describe the love we feel for Cole. During the adoption process, there were so many different feelings. We had, of course, the feelings of absolute joy, love, and happiness. Then there was the sadness and heartbreak since we knew Cole’s birthparents were going through such a difficult time. We all talked and the birthparents found peace knowing Cole would be loved and protected. We got through all of our feelings together and it was a wonderful experience. We still have a great relationship to this day. 

Cole is now three years old and ready to be a big brother. He goes to a babysitter’s house where he has friends he gets to play with and two little babies he “takes care of.” If their binkies drop, he will be the first one to pick it up and give it back to them. He is such a helper and a caring person. He’s mentioned that he would like to have a baby at home. Well, so would we! The family decision is to have another little person who, like Cole, was meant to be a part of our family. Cole knows he is adopted, although he doesn’t quite understand the entire meaning yet. He says, “Adoption is cool.” 

We’ve mentioned that Paul has two biological children; they are older. Chandler is 20 and in his second year of college working towards a Bachelor’s degree in engineering. He is very smart and responsible. Payden will be 16 and is in high school. She’s not too sure what she wants to do when she gets older, but has mentioned cosmetology and psychology. Both Chandler and Payden, enjoy spending time with Cole and playing. They are wonderful young adults. We enjoy the time we get to spend together. 

As a family, we enjoy barbequing, bonfires, cooking, game nights, and of course just being us… kind of goofy. We realize life shouldn’t be so serious at times. We love joking around with each other as well as with friends and family. We will try almost anything once and are very open-minded. We love to play with Cole and our niece and nephews. We have a wonderful relationship and believe it is due to communicating with each other. We cannot wait to teach your child how to do so many different things. He/she will have the necessary tools to make the decisions on what activities he/she would like to be involved with. 

A little bit more about us… Paul has been a police officer for over 20 years and absolutely loves his career. Julie was a police officer for ten years then began her current career as a psychological examiner. She is able to help children get the educational services they need to be successful in life. This career choice also allows Julie to be home in the evenings, on weekends, and during the summer. 

Thank you for taking the time out to read this long letter. While we are not perfect by far, we promise that your child will always be loved and cared for. We didn’t know who to address this letter to and we look forward to placing a name(s) at the top of this in the future. 

With love and appreciation,
Paul and Julie