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James and Diana | ID# 1510134
Nicknames: Jimmy and Diana

Dear Expectant Mother: 

Thank you for your courage and for making this difficult decision. We would be honored and excited should you choose us to bless with the gift of your child. Although we married later in life and are unable to have biological children, we have a desire to have a family and raise a child together. Diana was adopted when she was nine-years-old and her adoptive parents loved her to the moon and back. We too will love your child to the moon and back and provide them with a happy, fun and loving home. We will teach them of the love of God, to love God, and to respect and love others. 

We were so thrilled to adopt our daughter, Kassidy Brielle, in December 2015.  We are a forever family and are so excited for the opportunity to add another little one to our loving home.  Brielle cannot stop talking about being a big sister.  She cannot wait to have a little one to love and grow up with. Diana was a teacher for many years, but recently retired from that to be a full time, stay-at-home mom to Kassidy and hopefully to your child as well. 

We met on a Christian dating website. Our first date was at a local restaurant and we don’t remember what we ate that night. We just know that it was a wonderful time getting to know one another. Diana was super excited, and James was completely nervous! We were married January 23, 2010 in a small chapel at our church. It was a lovely service and THE MOST SPECIAL day of our lives! 

We attend a non-denominational church each week, and a weekly Bible study with dear friends. Every chance we get, we take weekend trips to the coast. We love to camp right on the beach, going to sleep to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and waking to the sunrise over the ocean. We also enjoy day trips to tourist spots in and near the amazing city where we live. We make annual trips to; The Feast of Tabernacles, the Strawberry Festival, the Hot Air balloon festival, and my favorite, the Sand fest; a sand sculpture competition at the beach! 

We live a beautiful life and would love to add one more to our little family. We look forward to the excitement, joy and energy that children bring into a home. We love the sound of laughter and the constant chatter. The bright look on their face when the Tooth Fairy comes or getting up early on Christmas morning after Santa has come. Wiping away the tears from endless boo-boo’s or broken hearts when they are older. 

James’ family lives near us and we spend holidays and special occasions, birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, etc. with them. Grandpa lives on a golf course and loves to take the grandchildren for rides on his golf cart. Each summer, Diana’s nieces and nephews from Oklahoma come down for a visit and we all go spend a week in a condo at South Padre Island, playing on the beach, parasailing, horseback riding on the beach, or boating in the bay. It has become a very special family tradition. Our families are very excited about our journey to add to our family and are looking forward to welcoming a new child. 

We are praying for you and should you decide that we are that special family that you are looking for it will become THE MOST SPECIAL day of our lives! 

Very Sincerely,
James and Diana