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Timothy and Jennifer | ID# 1510142
Nicknames: Tim and Jenna

Dear Birth Mother,

We believe that adoption is a sacred promise between a child’s mother and adoptive parents. It is about a woman, seeking the best thing for herself and her baby, giving the gift of a child to a couple dreaming for a family. As you search your heart for the life you wish for your baby, we can make you this promise: we will provide every opportunity we can, we will fill our home with love and devotion, and we will love you.

Tim and I met on a dating website 8 years ago. We have been inseparable ever since. We were married in 2007. Our lives have led us down the difficult road of infertility, but we can now see the light of love leading us through the path of adoption. We hope you can feel that love too.

In 2014, our world became filled with joy! Adam was adopted into our family! Words cannot describe how we feel to have Adam in our lives. We would love for Adam to have a little brother or sister to share life’s journey with.

Tim is a Clinical Pharmacy Manager at a local hospital. He enjoys leading, inspiring, influencing and mentoring pharmacists and technicians. He is a warm, kind, sensitive, patient, and loving man. He is my best friend. Tim is a sports fanatic! He loves to play, watch, and go to sporting events. His greatest attribute is his love for each member of our family, present and future.

I am a Special Education Teacher. I have devoted my life to helping people with the most profound disabilities.  Each student inspires me every day! Being a part of their lives fills my heart with such joy.  I also have a soft spot for animals. In my free time, I love to visit zoos, farms, and aquariums, as well as play with our pets Rusty and Puck.

We have the privilege of living in North Carolina, where the weather is perfect most of the year! Children can play in puddles in the spring, go swimming in the hot summer, jump into piles of leaves in the fall, and even enjoy a little snow! We can drive to the ocean or the mountains in a few short hours. We have parks, playgrounds, museums, and more nearby. There is so much for a little one to experience.

Together, we wish to give your child the courage to be him/herself. We will embrace his/her interests. We will help him/her to explore the world. We will show him/her how to stand up for others. We will guide him/her as he/she grows into a person we will all be proud of.

Words cannot express how thankful we would be to have the opportunity to become parents again.

Thank you,

Tim and Jenna