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Seth and Shannon | ID# 1510205

Dear Expectant Mother,  

We want to begin by thanking you for reading our letter and considering us as the adoptive parents of your child. Our desire to have a child and build a family is the centerpiece of our lives. If you do choose the path of adoption and select us, you will have our gratitude for your selflessness and bravery and we promise that your child will understand the sacrifice you have made and the love you have for him or her.  

We were introduced by friends in 2011 and quickly fell in love. After getting married, we started immediately trying to have our much longed-for family. After three long, heartbreaking years and many medical interventions we decided to adopt. For us adoption is a blessing that will allow us to realize our dreams of being parents and having a family of our own. We have created a nurturing home and life that is only missing a baby (or maybe two). 

Seth grew up in a military family and he traveled a lot as a child. This is what makes him so adaptable and why he makes friends everywhere he goes. He is a business consultant and also has a popular philosophy podcast. He is patient, kind, loving, intelligent and very committed to his friends, family and community. He likes to read, see live music, BBQ for friends and family and watch the occasional football game. He is involved in his alumni organizations and a local foundation that brings African students to the US for college. He is admired and loved by all of those that know him know him. 

Shannon is a born nurturer who turned her passion for caring into a successful spa business with three locations. She is warm, affectionate and kind. She loves to be outdoors, do Pilates, read, swim, paint, listen to records, explore, cook and travel and cannot wait to share these things with a child. She is smart and creative with a love of art and design. She has been a mentor with Big Brothers / Big Sisters for 8 years with the same wonderful little sister. She is deeply loved by an extensive group of family and friends and admired within our community. 

We have both worked hard to become professionally successful and plan to be present, involved and committed parents. Our home is brimming over with love, light, laughter, art, books and music. We have a diverse group of family and friends with many kids of their own and share our home with 3 sweet fur babies: puppies Mishi,and Rico and kitty cat Intruder. We live in a wonderful neighborhood and our community has beautiful outdoor spaces, schools, arts, entertainment and great weather! 

We will share with your child our belief in making a positive impact on humanity and leaving the world better than we found it. We will show them the wonder of life and the importance of kindness, integrity and learning as well as laughing, dancing, singing, sharing love. We will have a place in our world for you, too, should you give us the opportunity to be the adoptive parents to your child.  

Shannon and Seth