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Terry and Amy | ID# 1510212

Dear Expectant Mother, 

Thank you for considering us to be the adoptive parents who create a family and home for your child. We deeply respect your journey and your sacrifices. The care you display for your child is extremely brave and what you are doing is amazing and something we are so grateful for. We’ll be sure to help your child to know their story with you as it is so important. 

Bringing your child into our family will change all our lives and is something we’ve longed for. We were drawn to each other after Terry already had a biological son, Emerson, and we learn so much while raising him. We enjoy a great arrangement with his mom and really enjoy having him with us each week. One thing we knew for sure when we met was that we both wanted to grow our family. We’re not able to have biological children together and have chosen adoption as our journey. 

Our home is a nurturing environment where your child will be able to explore the outdoors, have pets and a sibling and live close to our large, extended family of aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins from ages 2 to 30. And Emerson can’t wait to read his favorite stories to his new sibling, to build Legos and to teach him or her how to play ball and swim! Spending time together creating family traditions, like buying a fresh Christmas tree each year, playing board games, and having friends and family over for cookouts are some of our favorite things to do. 

We laugh a lot, sing in the shower, and celebrate the little things that make each day good and bad. You’ll often find us in the kitchen cooking together, teaching Emerson how to crack eggs, sitting around the table in our pajamas or making Sunday breakfast together after church. We remember to be kind to one another, hug and give thanks every day for the things we have. We also attend Emerson's sporting events, have monthly get-togethers with Terry’s whole family, and go to a relatives’ farm out of state a few times a year. Whether is it swimming, playing sports, going to Amy’s brother’s cabin, spending time with Terry’s family, enjoying wildlife or playing games, we’re a close-knit group with tons of love, support and celebration. Sharing these experiences with your child will make them even more joyous. 

We love our family-oriented neighborhood where there are always kids out playing in the yards and riding bikes. We live close to the elementary and middle school, a park, and a sledding hill perfect for a snowy day. We have a large, eat-in kitchen, a big backyard, and a bedroom waiting with lots of stuffed animals and toys. Near the crib is an ocean-themed mural on the baby’s bedroom wall. It includes a treasure chest and map - the “X” marks the spot where the word BABY is written – our treasure. The room is bright and colorful with sunlight beaming in and a bookshelf filled with adventure on every page. At night your child will hear bedtime stories like “The Poky Little Puppy,” other Little Golden Books and a very meaningful favorite, “Guess How Much I Love You?” and then we’ll fix the pillows just right.  

We look forward to learning about you and hope you’ll want to get to know us too. You are a part of our journey and we’re so thankful for this opportunity to be the adoptive family for your child. You are courageous and words can simply not express what our hearts feel. 

Terry and Amy