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Rick and Megan | ID# 1510249

Dear Expectant Mother, 

Hi! We are Rick and Megan. We are so excited and thankful that you are taking the time to learn about us. We want you to know that we are already amazed by you. You are considering such a courageous decision, not only for the baby you carry, but also for yourself. This decision will touch so many lives in an awesome way and we feel blessed to have the opportunity to adopt a beautiful baby. Every day, we daydream about the child that will be brought into our lives. We look forward to being called Mommy and Daddy. We are beyond excited to give our daughter a sibling! We cannot wait to bring our family together. It brings a huge smile to our faces and fills our hearts with love, as we dream about the experiences we will have with your child. From the vacations we will take together to the little everyday giggles, we can’t imagine a more amazing path for our lives than being parents. When we told our daughter we were going to be bringing another baby into the family, we described it as Megan’s heart is growing. We pray for our baby every day! And every day Megan’s heart grows a little bigger! 

We are blessed to live in a great community with a small town feel. Our neighborhood is spacious with a lot of room to run, bike ride and play. We designed and built our home a little over two years ago. Our house has a lot of rooms to explore, yet is a very cozy home where we enjoy spending as much time as possible. We have a special room waiting to be a nursery and we are so excited to decorate it for your baby! Our daughter has so many ideas and plans for her new brother or sister. One of our biggest blessings is that Megan’s parents live right behind us. We love it! They are very excited to meet their new grandchild and be called Nona and Nono (that is Italian for Grandma and Grandpa). Our town is just a few hours’ drive from a great city, which gives us the chance to visit some wonderful museums and enjoy everything that a big city has to offer. 

Our families are very special to us, and a huge part of our lives. Rick comes from a very large family; he has 7 brothers and 2 sisters! Most of his family lives about 2 hours away. Whenever we visit, the time is always very busy. There are over 30 nieces and nephews ready to play! Holidays are very traditional. Santa Claus always visits at Christmas, there is a fantastic Easter egg hunt, and let’s not forget the yearly trip to the corn maze at Halloween. We can already see our new child being a part of these wonderful times. All of the kids together bring a lot of laughter and great memories. Megan’s family gives us the chance to do some travelling. Her brother lives in the New England area and she has a lot of aunts, uncles, and cousins living in the Southwest. There is always a chance to have a getaway to a warm climate and visit Megan’s family. Megan’s parents add some wonderful traditions to the family. Most of the traditions involve a lot of yummy Italian cooking. At Christmas, we help them make homemade ravioli and Italian cookies. This is a meal that is looked forward to all year long. We have the blessing of having some more of Megan’s aunts, uncles, and cousins a short, 10 minute drive away. Megan is very close with her cousins and they are so excited to have us bring our new baby over to play with their kids. 

Rick works as a bank executive at a community bank. He really enjoys his career because he is able to be very involved with the community where we live. He is able to help people in our community with their businesses and he makes some great friends in the process. His job really suits his personality. He is a strong, respectful, and intelligent man. Rick makes anyone that knows him feel secure. He is very social and has a passion for helping others. Rick enjoys golfing, reading, and spending time outside in our neighborhood. He is also a great handyman, which is really helpful around the house. His biggest passion is sports. He enjoys not only watching them, but also playing. Rick is a huge baseball fan and is already talking about taking your child to major league baseball games. 

Megan has always been a teacher at heart, and she spent 5 years teaching 2nd grade. All her life she has loved spending time with children. One of her first jobs as a teenager was babysitting all of her cousins, and she continues really strong relationships with those cousins today. Megan always viewed her teaching abilities as a talent. Teaching was a part of her and that talent really showed in her classroom. Megan is a very compassionate, sensitive, intelligent, and organized person. She has a big heart and always puts the needs of others before her own. Megan is very out-going, social and is a great multi-tasker. All of these qualities have really helped her shine in her careers. Currently, Megan is a stay-at-home mommy. She adores spending her days teaching and playing with our daughter and is beyond excited to have another baby to share in their days. Megan is always active. She enjoys playing golf, reading, bike riding, taking our dog Daisy for walks, and cooking. She has found a talent in photography and is always out and about with our daughter snapping pictures! Rick also enjoys Megan’s great cooking! Megan also takes time to be involved in her community. She helps with several fundraisers in the community. Together, we are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to be a part of our talents, careers, and hobbies. 

Now that you have had the chance to learn about us, we hope you can see how many blessings we have that we want to share with your child. We have so much love to give as a family. We want you to know that we are praying for you to have peace and comfort in your decision. You are giving a gift that we thought was impossible for us, a beautiful baby that we are able to raise and love unconditionally. We are already grateful to you for taking the time to consider us. 

Thank you!
Rick & Megan