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Darren and Mary | ID# 16002
Nicknames: Darren and Jessica

Dear friend, 

Thank you for liking our picture enough to read this letter. J Now that you are here, let us first thank you for even considering us as adoptive parents. This is a truly difficult time for you and deciding to make this decision or not will be something that takes more bravery than we can imagine. We want nothing more than to show your child a beautiful, loving, fun home that they can grow up in and truly be themselves. We want to show them how to be an open, honest and caring person. We will be praying for you through this journey and hope that you know if you choose us we will raise your child in a large, loving family who is very supportive of our decision to adopt. They cannot wait for us to be parents! 

We met in 2008 online; yes it really does work for some people! We were both ready to find the one and that’s exactly what happened. We got married in 2011 and shortly after found out we were not able to conceive. That was so hard for us, as we are both part of large families and just assumed we would also have a few kids, no problem. Once we had time to process this news, we began discussing adoption as the path for us to begin our family. Jessica’s best friend placed a child for adoption when she was in high school and hearing her story and her feelings about it 15 years later really secured our decision and helped us understand how beautiful adoption can be. Jessica grew up with her dad (stepdad) from the age of 4 and, although they are not related biologically, they are family because he helped raise her and they love each other just the same. Jessica has two younger sisters and Darren has a younger brother. 

We live in the suburbs and most of our family is all within 30 minutes of each other which allows us to get together all the time, call each other when we need help moving, have a home project and need assistance or a football game we want to watch together. There are lots of kids in our neighborhood and living on a golf course means we have a large back yard area for children to play. 

A few things that your child would expect as part of our family is having lots of cousins to play with, many aunts and uncles to get to know and grandparents on both sides to spoil them! There would even be great-grandparents who would love nothing more as well. Jessica is the oldest of about 20 cousins and Darren is the oldest of about 10 cousins, so there is always family around to love and support each other. We have lots of family gatherings and many traditions to share with a child, like going to our family farm to pick apples and pumpkins in the fall and driving to the best decorated houses at Christmas time to see the lights. We also love to take our dogs for walks and to the park, have cookouts in the summer with family and friends and take road trips to the mountains and lakes. 

We have always wanted to be parents and hope that we are lucky enough to have children to bring into our family and share the experiences we had growing up. We would love nothing more than to love and encourage a child and help them to become a respectful, hardworking, caring and giving person. We would always be supportive of them and will always be open with them about adoption and the bravery their birthmother had to make this choice. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time and we hope with all of our heart that you will see what a wonderful life your child would have in our home with us as parents and our wonderful family for support! 

With love, 
Jessica and Darren