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Kenneth and Katie | ID# 16014

Dear Expectant Mother,

We are so grateful our letter found its way to you. Where do we even begin to express our unending gratitude for your strength and love to choose the path of adoption for your unborn child.  If only the two little words “thank you” could convey the deep respect and love, we have for you. Our journeys up to this point may look different at first glance, but we will always be connected by the great love we both share for your child.

We are Ken and Katie from Wisconsin. We have so many dreams for your baby and cannot wait for them to start coming true. We got married in 2010 surrounded by our large extended families and friends. We knew from the beginning our family would include children, as we both loved growing up with our siblings and cousins. Like many others our journey took many turns we did not expect, but it is amazing how sometimes those detours turn out to have the perfect endings. We have learned a lot about ourselves along the way and have gotten to be the aunt and uncle that enjoy being a strong part of our nieces and nephews lives. We are also fortunate to have six amazing godchildren between us. We have enjoyed going to all of their birthday celebrations, sporting events, dance and music recitals, swimming, etc.

We live less than 30 miles from both of our families and enjoy spending time with them. Your child would have six first cousins ages 2 to 18 years old on Katie’s side and four first cousins ages 19 to 25 on Ken’s side. So, they will be surrounded by kids to play with and be the center of attention, the best of both worlds. They will also have many more extended family members close to their age, as we have many cousins about to have children. Coming from large families we love our little traditions, like at birthdays. On Ken’s side we call and sing to everyone on their birthday, even if we will see them later that day. We have started this tradition with Katie’s family as well. For birthdays on Katie’s side, after we sing “Happy Birthday” we carry on her grandfather’s tradition of singing “Hail, Hail, the gang's all here.” We have to admit, since being married, we have looked forward to our child participating in our family events and traditions.

Our weekends are often filled with time with family and friends. Currently, we have a family garden at Katie’s parents', which is down the road from the homestead farm. We gather each week with the family to plant, weed, water and work together. The best parts are harvesting the vegetables and hearing the laughter of our nieces and nephews as we work together.  Other times our gatherings with family and friends end in a cookout, campfire or game night.

During our journey to start a family, Katie changed jobs and now works part-time at a local hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). It is wonderful to see those strong little babies grow and every day learn something new from the extraordinary staff. Ken’s job has also changed as he started working from home a few years ago and his flexible schedule is wonderful, as we enjoy plenty of time together during the week.  This time together is so important and we look forward to spending this special time with your child.

We are blessed to be surrounded by such a great family and so many wonderful friends. We have learned so much from so many of the special people, young and older, in our lives.  The adoption of your child would be the greatest blessing we could hope for to complete our family.

We look forward to talking with you!

Many blessings on your journey,
Ken and Katie