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Aaron and Jennifer | ID# 16017


We are honored that you are reading about us and feel that this could be one of the most important letters we ever write! Words cannot express the respect and admiration that we have for you and the decision you are considering. Most importantly, please know that we think you are extraordinary for giving the gift of life to your unborn child. Your strength and courage would provide a waiting family, like us, a chance to give a baby all the love we have. We, our extended family, and our friends will LOVE your child unconditionally and we will model and teach that in our home. 

We live in a beautiful home in a lovely area of Utah. It is a safe area and we would feel comfortable with our children playing and interacting with others. We are active members in our church which provides great teachings focused on strengthening the family. 

We adopted our first child last year and he has brought an abundance of joy to us! He has changed everything about the way we do things in our life and we are so grateful for him! We love to camp and spend time at our family cabin, ride four wheelers, play games and have family barbecues. We also enjoy watching our nieces and nephews in their events. We love to ski, snowmobile and look forward to every football season as we enjoy being active fans and going to games as a family. We love to get outside and do yard work, plant in our garden and enjoy the sun. Music is also a big part of our lives. We will always strive to give our children opportunities to enjoy many kinds of activities in helping them to develop their talents. 

We both grew up in homes where honesty, integrity, hard work, and respect for self and others were modeled, valued, and expected. It is our goal to teach those same traits to our children. 

Since our marriage, we have been anxious to have a family, but because of fertility issues we have been unable to have children. Our greatest desire has been to have children. Our desire is to grow our family more so our children may be able to have the joy of having brothers and sisters. Our relationship with our first child’s birthmother has been a wonderful addition to our experience. It is our desire to honor the sacrifice she made in that placement. We love her and think the world of her.

We are excited that adoption is an option for us again and we look forward to becoming a more complete family and the joy it will bring. We would be honored to have a chance to share our lives with your child. We promise to work tirelessly to provide a wonderful life filled with abundant opportunities and most of all, unconditional LOVE! 

Aaron & Jenn