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Darby and Nichole | ID# 16018

Dear Expectant Parent,

We’re grateful that you are taking the time to read our letter, and want to express our deep admiration of your choice to consider adoption for your child. We are in awe of this brave and selfless decision, as we consider adoption to be an incredible gift. As we think often of you, it is our prayer that you are loved and supported in the decision you are making, and that you have great peace as you choose.

Our love story is anything but ordinary. Nichole was a single mom to a sweet 2-year-old girl and living in Ohio. Darby was a ready-to-be-married single guy living in Alaska and hadn’t met Mrs. Right. He took a chance on an online dating site, and the rest is history. Following an extended period of getting to know one another, we took a leap and Darby traveled to Ohio. Many phone calls, emails, and long plane rides later, we were married and moved to Alaska as a family in 2009, where we have built an incredible life for our family.

We hoped from the beginning of our marriage to have a large family. In 2011, Darby adopted Nichole’s daughter, Kylie, officially, even though he had been “Daddy” for quite a while at that point. We added 2 more biological children to our family in 2010 and 2012, another daughter, Audrey, and a son, Liam, through very difficult and high-risk pregnancies. After several more attempts to grow our family and suffering difficult losses, we arrived at the beautiful blessing of adoption. We love the way adoption has already shaped our family in Darby adopting Kylie, and we look forward to seeing how God will use it to grow our family in the future.

Our faith is the foundation of our family and shapes all of our decisions and actions. We are members of our church and attend weekly, and our kids look forward to being there as well, often asking several times each week if it is “church day” yet. They enjoy the friendships they share with other kids there and the kids’ programs they are able to be a part of.  As a family, we enjoy participating in ministry together, including Vacation Bible School. We also love to spend time outdoors- mostly in our boat on trips up a local river, or on walks on one of the many local trails near our home. Our kids love when we go swimming as a family, have family movie nights, or anytime we can create something together in the kitchen.

Darby is an electrician and owns and operates an electrical contracting company in our town. Nichole is a registered nurse, working very part time- just enough to maintain a license at this time, when Darby is able to be home and take care of the kids. She also does the bookkeeping for our business and keeps all the paperwork in order. We enjoy working together and appreciate the strengths each other has and the way our different skills add to the success of our business.

We believe children are a gift. If chosen, you would be giving us this incredible gift, and we will love and care for your child in the best way we know how- with a solid foundation of faith, with unconditional love, and with the blessing of siblings to grow with- providing a lifetime of deep, rich relationships.

With All Our Love,
Darby and Nichole