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Terry and Sarah | ID# 16021

Dear Expectant Mother,

Please view our adoption blog that we created especially for journey:

We can’t imagine how emotional and stressed you feel. We have never been in your situation, but we have thought about you and worried for you. We are proud parents to two 13-year-old boys who were adopted from another country and we feel they are a testament to the beauty of adoption. One thing we always tell people about being adoptive parents is that we get the gift of watching our children grow and discover their own talents and passions.

We don’t have any preconceived ideas that they should be like us or like what we like. It is so fun to see them discover an interest and then help them learn and explore. Through our boy's interests we have learned a lot about science, technology, music and history, things we probably would not have explored as much ourselves. They enrich our lives with their interests and we marvel in watching them grow.

We are blessed to have both grown up and still live in a city that was ranked at the #1 best city for families by USA Today. Our city is small which makes it feel like a small town. Our parks and recreational opportunities along with a low crime rate and nationally ranked school system makes raising kids here easy. Our favorite part of where we live is having friendly neighbors and supportive community that embraces diversity and values kindness.

We want to assure you that we respect whatever level of openness and contact that you want to have with your child. Please feel confident that you will be a valued member of our family and that time and distance will never be an issue. We believe that any adoption plan should be flexible. You may want different levels of contact or visits and we are happy to facilitate your wants and needs.

We hope you have people around you that can offer you support. Life is so hard and we need to help each other get through the tough times. This is another area we know so much about. Before we adopted our boys, we had a son and then a daughter, but they were both born with a genetic disorder and passed away the same day they were born. It was heartbreaking in a way words cannot express, but we got through the sadness and grief with the support of family and friends. We hope you have this type of support and if you don’t, please consider seeking a support group, it is too hard to go through tough times alone.

Take care of yourself and know that we are thinking of you and hoping and praying you find peace.

Terry and Sarah