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Carl and Ronda | ID# 16025

Dear Expectant Mother,

Thank you for looking at our profile.  We hope our love for life shines through.  We have years of experience that we want to share with your baby.  Life at our home is full of activities.  We enjoy the outdoors.  I enjoy riding and training horses.  I also enjoy my flower beds and vegetable garden.  My husband enjoys hunting and fishing and riding 4 wheelers with our son.  He is the manager of 3 grain elevators.  That, along with our own farming operation, keeps him busy.  Our son loves to help Daddy farm.  When he is done playing farmer, he tries to out jump Mom on his trampoline.  He keeps Mom in excellent shape!  We both really love spending time with our son.  This is the first year our son could ride a horse without help, which allows us to ride horse as a family.  We have a lot of fun riding down to our pasture to check on our cows and calves.  We are an active, fun loving family looking to add one more player to our family team!

Your strength and love for your baby are evident in your consideration of adoption.  We really admire you for that, and we will not let you down.  We will include your child in all our daily activities.  They will have many days full of fun memories.  We will promise, if given the opportunity, to love your child with our whole hearts.  We will support all of his or her hopes and dreams.  We have learned in our years struggling to have a family that only patience, love and faith can build a happy home. 

We live on a farm, in a log home of our dreams.  I am the youngest of seven, and my mom and dad live within a few miles of us.  They love our son with all their hearts.  They were so excited when we ended up adopting him!  He is their 13th grandchild.  They can hardly wait to meet number 14!  My husband Carl has one sister and two brothers.  His mother lives a few hours from our farm.  She loves our son very much and enjoys spoiling him on his birthday and holidays.  Carl’s dad helps him farm and enjoys having our son there to help him with all the farming repairs.  Both Carl and I grew up in large families.  We would love to give our son that sister or brother experience. Your baby is a most precious gift.  We will be forever grateful if you trust us to care for that gift. 

With love,
Carl and Ronda