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Chad and Maria | ID# 16044
Nicknames: Chad and Maria

Dear Expectant Mother,

While the time and circumstances are difficult for you right now, we would like to express our gratitude in considering us for the opportunity to adopt your child.  We would like to show you a little bit about us and what a joy it would be to have your child join our family. We pray for you and your well-being and can promise you, that your child will receive all the love and support we could ever give.

We hope that you like our profile. Actually, we hope that you love it. There's so much we want to share with you about our little family so that you can get to know us better.  We call ourselves the "Three Musketeers.”  We have tried to expand our family but have not been able to. We are strong believers that things happen for a reason. After several months praying, deep conversations with family who have adopted, research and reading, we have decided that the best way to grow our family is to adopt, and we know that we have made the right decision. You probably ask yourself - what makes this family the right family for my child?  We are a simple bunch.  Our weekdays are pretty routine and consist of work, school, sports practice, scout meetings, and church activities. Our favorite part of the day is having dinner as a family, homework, chatting about the highlights of our day, and watching our favorite shows together.  

Weekends are when we play.  We go to games, movies, whatever festival is in town, shows, dinners, parties, swimming, and church. On three-day weekends, we try to go on short trips out of town to visit family. Summer is our favorite time of year, as we get to travel. One of our favorite traditions is when we go to our happiest place on earth for Chad's birthday and Father’s Day each year - Hawaii!  We play for hours on the beach, swim, play, explore the different islands, the culture, the food, and it's just an absolute blast each time. We are pretty tight-knit.  

We love to spend time as a family and do things together.  We believe that this is what strengthens us.   We feel that we have been blessed and there is nothing more in this world that we would like than to have another child to share this with - our fourth Musketeer. We pray that someday, we will have a baby daughter/sister to love, care for and share all our adventures with. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for considering us to be a part of your child's life. Please know that she will be loved unconditionally each day of her life.

With love,
Chad & Maria