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Scott and Hanna | ID# 1610012
Dear Expected Mother,

First and foremost we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The gift of life is a beautiful blessing and the mere opportunity to expand and build our family gives us both so much joy. As Catholics we believe that love never stops being patient, never stops believing, never stops hoping, and never gives up. It is upon this bedrock that we firmly believe that you may choose us as parents to your unborn child.  We can’t wait to meet you and we hope that this introduction gives you a glimpse into our lives.

We met 10 years ago and have been married for 8 of them. At that time, Hanna was finishing her nursing program at a university and it was truly through her alma mater that we were serendipitously brought together. We met in Montana, when Hanna was visiting her family and Scott was driving one of his best friends to Tennessee. Scott knew Hanna’s brother in law, whom was able to convince her to come and meet up with a group of friends, including Scott.   Scott says, as cliché as it may be, it was truly love at first site.  We couldn’t stop talking to each other from the moment we met and have been together ever since that fateful night.
From that first night until now we have been blessed to have each other as wonderful friends, spouses, and adventure consultants. We have traveled from Mexico to Ecuador, from Melbourne to Orcas Island, from Washington State to Virginia, and can’t wait to take our child to wonderful places and experiences. One of our favorite experiences was a trip we took exploring the beautiful Olympic mountain range in Washington. We boarded the ferry with our Honda CRV filled with everything we thought we needed and found ourselves at several campsites, encountered a herd of reindeer, and explored some logging roads that were above the Honda CRV pay grade. Hanna and I look at life as a wonderful set of possibilities. The “road less traveled” is always more rewarding especially when you have the love of your life next to you. 

All children are gifts and you would be giving us the greatest gift imaginable by helping us create our family.  We promise that we will love and care for your baby with every thread of our being.  We know we are meant to be parents and have plenty of room in our hearts to love a child.  Our greatest joy will be providing a strong foundation enriched with every possible educational opportunity and fostering life lessons to develop a strong moral compass and work ethic. 

We look forward to the opportunity to getting to know you!

All the best,
Scott & Hanna