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John and Deborah | ID# 1610024

Dear Friend, 

As you are reading this, maybe you are thinking that this was not part of your life’s plan. We want you to know that writing this letter wasn’t part of our plan either, but we are grateful to you for reading it and excited about what that may mean for all of us. 

Sometimes what looks at first like an obstacle is in fact an opportunity. We have one son, Jack, who is 6 and we always wanted him to have a sibling, but we got started too late. We tried various fertility treatments and nothing worked and the disappointment was devastating. We might have given up but Jack insisted that we find a solution because, in his own words “I have been waiting my whole life to be a big brother!” We know that adopting a second child will make us all feel like the family we want to be, and we can’t wait to welcome a new baby into our lives. 

What are our lives like? Busy and blessed! We (try to) reflect on this every day, how lucky we are to have fulfilling jobs, financial security, a big, beautiful house in a safe community, opportunities to travel, a supportive extended family, close friends, and excellent health. For us the only thing better than enjoying and reflecting on these blessings is sharing them with another child who will benefit by growing up in a safe, loving, stable, happy environment full of opportunities for education, travel, and success. 

We can never know what put us on this path to find one another, and if we never meet, know that we admire you for your bravery and selflessness and wish you a long life full of happiness. 

John & Debbie