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Jennifer | ID# 1610035

Hello expectant parent, 

I realize this may be a very stressful and difficult time in your life; I am honored that you may be considering me as an adoptive parent for your child. 

Although I have been a successful business woman for the last 15 years and love my career, my biggest dream is to become a mother and have the opportunity to teach, provide a good example, support and give love that is unconditional to a child. I love my career, but I want to have a family life after my workday ends; I have always wanted children from as far back as I can remember playing dolls as a young child. God has provided the answer to my prayers with the answer of adoption. Being genetically related doesn’t make you family; Love, support, trust sacrifice, honesty, protection, acceptance, security, compromise, gratitude, respect and loyalty is what makes you family. 

Although I have many responsibilities and interests, I have a full heart to share with a child. I had a wonderful childhood and want my child to experience the joys of growing up in a loving family. I will be so excited when I can add a child to my family. Since I am self-employed, I will be able to take my child to work with me and spend more time with him or her. I live in a city that has a small town feel and is close to the beach as well as the mountains. My town also has walking trails for fun and fitness after work. I have family within a couple hour drive and an extended family and friends close by; they are an excellent support system and willing to help out any day or night. I am very close to my mother, who will be heavily involved in her grandchild’s life. She is retired and is anxious to become a grandmother. She instilled her love of cooking in me and I can hardly wait to make gingerbread houses and Christmas cookies, baking with my kids and Grandma! 

I live in a beautiful 1½ story house with a large backyard, a front porch swing, and a tire swing in a small country neighborhood. I enjoy swinging on the front porch, people and wildlife “watching.” I look forward to having a child to teach about the big and little things of life. I have a craft room and can’t wait to share it to make craft projects together. Little people art work placed on my walls will make my home complete. A large playroom exists for your child to have their own space for toys. I also have 2 dogs, a black Lab and Eskimo Spitz, who love children and are very protective. They enjoy the quiet neighborhood. My neighborhood has lots of school aged children and we are close to the schools and parks. 

My friends and family are anxious for the adoption process. Many of them love to babysit and can hardly wait for my family to grow. We get together on the weekends for festivals, church, or go out to eat or shopping. It will be nice for them to be a positive influence on your baby as he or she grows. 

I look forward to talking with you and thank you again for considering me as your child’s adoptive parent. 

With gratitude,