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Tai and Solana | ID# 1610038

To our Expectant Mother,

We would first like to say thank you.  Thank you for choosing life for your baby and for even considering us.  We can’t fathom what you’re going through and all the questions and concerns you must have.  What we can tell you is that we will love your child with all our hearts.  We will nurture and raise your child making sure they’re as happy as can be.  We look forward to giving your child all they need, and at times denying them the things they want.  In our home, we take pride in family, knowledge, and exercise.  We visit our extended family as much as we can, and love to play outdoors.  Our two dogs love children and love the treats they get from our nieces and nephews.  We’re positive they will also love your child.

While our four-legged fur-babies are full of love, we can hardly wait to begin the completion of our family.  We were told by the doctors we would never be able to do what you’re doing in giving the gift of life; however, we will be forever grateful for your sacrifice to give your child a better life.  We will do everything in our power to make sure family traditions are held dearly.  We can hardly wait share our traditions of extended family gathered around a Thanksgivings table in California; or our favorite tradition of a white Christmas in Colorado with a tall tree and mounds of presents.

Solana: I was adopted as a child and while many people cannot relate to my experience, I love telling my story.  Being adopted at a young age afforded me the opportunity to understand how much my birthmother and adopted mother loved me.  It also gave me the insight to love both my birthmother and adopted mother.  I would be lying if I said at times I didn’t have questions; but my adopted mother gave me all the love, tough love, and attention I could have ever asked for and needed.  To this day I am still grateful to both of my mother’s for loving me in their own special way.  One of my favorite childhood stories by Dr. Seuss is Oh the places you’ll go since it was the last book I received from my birthmother.  My favorite part is “You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so... get on your way!”  I remember such happiness and love when my birth mother read me this book.  We can’t wait to share that joy, happiness and love with your child.

We don’t know what obstacles you have faced in your life, nor do we know what challenges you face now.  But we would like to tell your child about you one day.  We would like to tell your child that you loved them enough to want a better future for them.  Most importantly we want your child to know that though you may not be with them now, they will always carry a piece of you around with them every day when they look in the mirror; or when they see you or photos of you (If that’s what you want).

Tai: There would be no words to truly express our gratitude for the miracle you provide us with.  But please know that every time we look at your child, we will know it was your unselfish act that gave us this gift and made us a family.  We can hardly wait to play video games together, play volleyball, or go out for ice cream.  I hope your child likes chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream as much as I do.  We can’t wait to take your child hiking, fishing, or shopping.  As an Asian man, I don’t show much emotion. Growing up my father never said I love you; but, that is something I want to change.  As a father, I want to tell your child that I love them and that I’m proud of them every day.

Tai & Solana