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William and Becky | ID# 1610043

Dear Expectant Mother:

Words cannot express our gratitude and amazement of your courage and strength during this time in your life. We are eternally thankful and humbled that you have chosen to provide a couple with something that nature could not, a child of their own. For us the decision to adopt was quite natural, as after 11 years of marriage we have not been able to conceive a baby. Three years ago we adopted our little angel Ali. She has been a perfect addition to our lives, and are looking forward to next perfect addition.  We truly believe that this is how God intended us to have children and to have our family grow. You are the link, you are our hero.

Ethan has been the best big brother anyone could ask for. Although he is twelve years older than Ali he always takes time out to play with her and she absolutely adores him. Ethan is always willing to get his little sister breakfast in the mornings and sneak her candy when mom and dad aren't looking. They have a great relationship.

We live and work in a small mountain town surrounded by forests, lakes and snow packed peaks. Becky loves her job at the seasonal decoration department. She is constantly bringing home new decorations to get our family in the holiday spirit.  William also loves his work with the cable company, installing and repairing cable and high speed internet lines. This fits his sense of adventure attitude, as no two days are ever alike.

William is the joker of the family; he can make you laugh no matter the situation. Becky is the more grounded and serious one, but still knows how to let loose and have a good time. We both love the outdoors, and spend lots of time camping, hunting, fishing, and four wheeling with our extended family and friends. William is great at building and fixing things around the house and with Becky’s design sense, we have completely remodeled the interior of our home. We love cooking together and snuggling up on the couch to watch a movie or two.

Our home has also become the gathering point for extended family over the past few years. We have hosted Christmas and Thanksgiving multiple times for our extended families. It is the fun place to be, plenty of things to do in the toy room to keep the 12 nieces and nephews entertained, not to mention the tree house and trampoline in the yard. The adults love to gather in the kitchen and then migrate to the living room to enjoy the football games on the big screen.

We have a big extended family and love spending time with them. It is not uncommon to visit with two or three of our siblings every day. The support we receive from them is tremendous, and everyone could not be more excited about the opportunity you would provide. Someday your child will know how strong and courageous you are by the decisions you have made.

With all our love,
William and Becky