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Kevin and Michelle | ID# 1610047

Dear Expectant Mom, 

We deeply admire you for your courage and kindness of heart that you would consider us to parent your child. As parents of an adorable boy, Nico, we are eager to complete our family with another precious child. We want to thank you for giving us a chance to raise your baby with love and happiness. 

We met each other just like in the movie “Sleepless in Seattle.” Kevin was in San Diego, California and Michelle was in Edison, New Jersey. We met through a mutual friend’s introduction, married in 2008 and had our beautiful baby in 2014. 

Kevin is a property manager. He owns his own business and manages more than 160 residential units currently. We have a big home office so he can work at home and will be available to help take care of your baby as well. He likes to garden, do home improvement projects, and jog. He also enjoys playing with Nico and looks forward to playing with your child as well. 

Michelle is a real estate agent. She helps investors to find bargains buying and selling houses, and Kevin handles the property management work afterwards. She also works at home and has a flexible schedule to take care of your baby. She likes to swim, dance, sing and listen to music. 

We love to travel, especially to the beach, and always look forward to big, fun holiday gatherings. We usually travel overseas every 2 years and vacation at least once a year. We usually take a short trip on long weekends. 

We live in Southern California and have a wonderful home in a great suburban neighborhood. We have a 5-bedroom home with a large back yard for our family to enjoy. We spend a lot of time playing games in our backyard. We have fun times outdoors with all our family and friends. 

Everyone in our family wants you to know that your precious baby will be welcomed with the deepest of love and affection. He or she will have a happy and joyous home filled with love, support, laughter and family. 

We are excited for you to view our profile and get to know us a little better. God bless you with peace, happiness and love always. 

Kevin & Michelle