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John and Rachel | ID# 1610051

Dear Expectant Mother, 

In 2012 John and I started looking for a forever house. We’d just gotten married in 2011 and were living in a small townhome in an urban neighborhood with our dog and two cats. We both wanted to start a family immediately, so we searched for and found the perfect home, located in a safe neighborhood near great schools, for us to raise a family. We moved in December 2012 and have been ready to give our loving home to a child ever since. We tried to get pregnant and were not having any success, so we started fertility testing and treatments in the fall of 2014 and throughout 2015. Despite assurances from our doctors that we are both fertile, we have not been successful. 

We connected on eHarmony in the summer of 2008 and met for pancakes on a Saturday morning for our first date. We were married three years later. John had moved to Tennessee after college and I moved here after living and working in other states. We both settled here because we love the community and the relaxed, small-town lifestyle. We have good jobs with flexible hours and have fun pursuing our hobbies. We are so very ready to be parents, and our close network of family and friends are ready, too! 

John and I love to laugh and enjoy talking with each other when we come home from work. We like to eat supper together and catch up on what happened during the day. John always takes our dog for a walk around the neighborhood afterward. 

Saturdays are usually spent with family and friends, whether it be a birthday party, a movie, dinner or traveling to Florida, Georgia, or Illinois for a family gathering. On Sundays we keep it very low key. It's important to have a day to rest and reconnect.  

During winter evenings, we usually have a fire lit in our wood burning fireplace. In the fall, we spend a lot of time outside, either walking or sitting on our deck enjoying the weather and the pretty leaves. We traditionally travel to the beach in late spring and stay for a week, and we are always taking short weekend trips to explore new places throughout the year.  

We are really connected to our growing local community. John is a previous small business owner and is now self-employed, and I work for the local university. The support from our colleagues and friends, plus our family members, gives us a very full, happy and active life. 

When out and about, we see people we know and enjoy a brief visit. We donate both financially and our time to local causes and are always working to be a better neighbor and friend.  

We are both voracious readers and stay apprised of local and world events but also like to indulge in novels and biographies. 

We are not going to pretend to know how or what you’re feeling at this point in your life. The selfless decision to allow one’s child to be adopted is so brave but must be extremely painful. We can promise you this: if you choose us to raise your baby, he or she will be raised with love by two dedicated, loyal people who will be eternally grateful for the opportunity to give your child a forever home with us. 

Rachel and John