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Jason and Amy | ID# 1610053

Dear Expectant Mother:

We want to thank you for considering this life changing decision that is both brave and selfless. We imagine that this must have been the tougher of your many options.  It speaks volumes, however, about your love and dedication to this beautiful, young life.

It has been a long journey for us to find each other, but worth every step.  We had each begun to think that, perhaps, the “right” person for us just didn’t exist.  And then, four years ago, we met and realized that God really did have a plan for us.  (He just needed us to be patient and to work for it).  We are incredibly happy as a couple, but we realize that we are more than ready to become a family.

As we met later in life, however, our attempts at conceiving have been unsuccessful.  We worked intensely with fertility doctors for two years and almost gave up on our dream of raising a child together.  But, after much reflection and prayer, we realize that we were blessed with this love and powerful drive to be parents for a reason.

While we have not yet met your young miracle, we already love him or her. Your child will be raised in a loving, secure home with solid guidance and endless support. This young life will receive a strong education and will learn the value of being a kind and respectful person.  He or she will be encouraged to develop their talents and pursue their dreams with vigor.  We will teach your child to embrace life fully, with all of its challenges and rewards.  We have been blessed to be able to have a college fund set up that would pay for their college education should they choose that path in life.

You play an undeniable critical role in this child’s life and we will pray for you and the baby. Thank you again for taking the time to read about us and consider us for your baby.

With Love,
Jason & Amy