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Brian and Nicholas | ID# 16103
Nicknames: Brian and Nick

Dear Expectant Mom,

Thank you for reading our profile and considering us to be the adoptive parents of your child.  We are excited to share our personal information with you and hope it will be helpful as you consider the many loving couples interested in raising your child. 

We have been together for 11 years and continue to be best friends and partners.  We met in New York sometime after college while Nick was completing his grad school.  We are both from the Northeast originally, though we’ve had the opportunity to travel and live throughout the country for different career opportunities.  Many years ago, we made the decision to settle permanently in Massachusetts, where we have been blessed to have incredibly stable and successful careers. 

Nick is very creative and artistic.  At one point, he was the set designer and decorator for a major soap opera on television as well as several movies and a reality TV show.  Now he works as the merchandising manager for a national home furnishings company and loves his work.  He enjoys coaching his team of employees, helping them both personally and professionally.  The company provides wonderful health benefits too!  Nick enjoys cooking, hiking, traveling, reading and decorating our beautiful homes.

Brian is extremely outgoing and fun.  He is dedicated and passionate about his family, friends and work.  He is a successful real estate broker and co-owner of his company. His schedule is very flexible and affords him the option of working from home or the office.  Aside from being in and out of gorgeous properties all day, Brian’s favorite part of his job is helping individuals and families find their special home.  Brian enjoys playing tennis, going to the beach, and visiting with family and friends.

We are fortunate to own a beautiful property in a special and picturesque, coastal town.  Our house is large but very comfortable, with beautiful water views and a great fenced yard for our 2 friendly dogs to play in.  There are many wonderful families in our neighborhood and the schools are ranked among the top in the state.  We chose this town because it would be an excellent place to raise a child given how safe and diverse it is.

One of the things we shared with one another when we first met was our desire to one day be parents. We LOVE kids.  We have talked and planned on having a child together for a long time and decided that adoption was the path we wanted to take.  We love the idea of providing your child with a safe, nurturing, loving and successful life.  We can’t wait to give your child everything they deserve, and more!  Having a child to love, protect, support, encourage and inspire will be the greatest highlight of our lives. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this note.  Hopefully, you will want to make the next connection with us so we can learn about you and your wishes, which would be very important to us.  In the meantime, we wish you peace and comfort.

Brian and Nick