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We are Kevin and Deborah

from Ohio

Stay-At-Home Parent? Part-Time

Adopted Children at home? No

Biological Children at Home? Yes

Pets? No

Ethnic Preferences? Caucasian


Occupation: Consultant

Education: MS

Religion: Protestant

Hobbies: Sailing, Reading


Occupation: Attorney

Education: JD

Religion: Protestant

Hobbies: Tennis, Photography, Reading, Sailing

Dear Expectant Mom,

Thank you for reading our letter!  We want you to feel comfortable and happy with your decision.  The decision you are making is such a beautiful one, and we want to tell you how much we LOVE and respect you for your choice.

If you choose us, your baby will grow up in a home filled with love. Your baby will have a big brother who is so very, very excited to have a little sibling.  He asks us all the time when will he get a little sister or little brother.  Your baby's bedroom is my favorite room in our home--it has lots of sunlight during the day, pretty green and white checked curtains, a white crib, and lots of stuffed animals waiting.  The room looks out across the yard at the other homes on our cul-de-sac street where several other families with small children live.  The room is my favorite because my bedroom in the house where I grew up was in the same place. The windows in my room looked out across the street at the neighbors and I could see the neighbor kids riding their bikes if I wasn't yet out there playing with them.  Just like I imagine that this room will be for the baby who will grow up in it.

As a family, we have several holiday traditions we like to celebrate every year.  At Halloween, everyone in the family carves a pumpkin.  We are looking forward to having more than 3 pumpkins!  We enjoy carving the pumpkins and deciding whether to have a spooky face, happy face, or scary face on the pumpkins.  At Thanksgiving, we invite family and maybe a close friend or two for a day of togetherness, fun, games, and of course, good food!  Making the meal is a whole family affair as Kevin makes the turkey, Deborah makes the sides, and various family members each bring a special dish.  No one goes home hungry!  For the Christmas season, Deborah continues her family’s tradition of baking lots of Christmas cookies and gingerbread men.  Last year, we invited over a few other families so that the toddlers could decorate cookies and have a big play date while the rest of us watched and enjoyed eating chili and visiting.

We fill the rest of the year with many different activities. Kevin enjoys sailing as much as Deborah loves to bake and decorate cookies.  So, many weekends in the summer, we will load up the car, put Kevin's boat on a trailer and go to a regatta on a small inland lake. Deborah and our son Kyle will come along, see the boats off, and will go explore the surrounding area while Kevin sails. Deborah might take Kyle on a short hike, ride bikes/tricycles, or go to a nearby playground. Weekends at home might find us in the new outdoor pool in our town, stopping off at a library to pick up some new books and DVDs, or at a barbecue or backyard birthday party with friends.

When we purchased our home, we looked for a house with multiple bedrooms so we could accommodate several children in our family.  However, we have only been able to have one child ourselves. Deborah had a heartbreaking miscarriage and went through the ups and downs of a year of infertility treatments with no success.  Our hearts and home continue to have plenty of room and so much love to share. We hope you pick us as the family for your baby. Your baby will be loved so very much.

We want to let you know how much we love and respect you and how strong we believe you are.  If you choose us for your baby, you will also be forever in our hearts.

Deborah, Kevin, and Kyle

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