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We are Joshua and Jenna

from Texas

Stay-At-Home Parent? Part-Time

Adopted Children at home? No

Biological Children at Home? No

Pets? Yes

Ethnic Preferences? Caucasian


Occupation: CEO

Education: M.A.

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Reading, Music, Traveling, Technology, Gardening


Occupation: Vice President

Education: MBA

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Cooking, Yoga, Traveling, Hiking, Sports, Crafts

Dear Expectant Mother, 

We have never met you, but we feel a strong connection to you through our common love for your baby. We share your love and desire for your baby to grow into the best person they can be. We want to give you an honest glimpse of the stable, safe, and loved life we would provide your baby. 

We met in college 14 years ago and became close friends. After three years of dating, our ‘Happily Ever After’ began at Disney World, where we were engaged with Cinderella’s Castle in front of us and fireworks overhead. We can’t wait to share our love for Disney World with your child! From the moment we were engaged, we have been so excited to become parents and to provide an amazing life for our family. 

We are blessed to have a unique, laid-back life. We have flexibility to be ourselves, and to put our family first. Jenna will be able to stay at home with your baby. Josh will also be able to spend much time at home while remaining a strong provider through his successful career in the tech industry. We want to cherish every special moment with your child, surrounding them with love, laughter and memories. 

We’re young and active, and enjoy traveling around the world. We plan to continue this as your child grows up. We want them to discover new cultures, have new experiences and be adventurous. We want your child to try new things, follow their passions, and have fun being a kid. We can’t wait for the first family vacation to Disney World with the grandparents, introducing your child to Mickey for the first time! 

When we’re not traveling, we love spending time at home. We have a large house we designed to have everything our family might need. We have cozy bedrooms close together and a game room we’re ready to fill with toys. A board game nook, a media room and a big backyard means we always have something fun to do. We have two cats, Tink and Bonkers who love to cuddle and always have to be in the same room with their family. Across the street are our close friends and their adorable one-year-old daughter. We know she will be a great friend to your child. Our neighborhood feels like it’s in the country - surrounded by trees, birds, rabbits, and baby goats. There’s even a pond for fishing and feeding the ducks. We’re in a suburb of a large city in Texas - just minutes from parks, playgrounds, excellent schools, and everything else we might need. 

Our parents live nearby and will be loving, involved grandparents. They are so excited to spoil their first grandchild! We have fun family traditions for Thanksgiving and Christmas that we can’t wait to pass along. Our house is especially warm and cozy throughout the fall as Jenna is cooking and baking throughout the holiday season, with pumpkin, gingerbread and spices filling the air. Above all, your child will be surrounded by a close family that treasures them with unconditional love and support. 

We have been blessed with so many opportunities that we feel we’ve been given a fairy tale life. We know our “Happily Ever After” won’t be complete until we share these opportunities with a child. We hope you’ll bless us with the opportunity to raise your baby in our loving, caring home. We want to honor the love and compassion you’ve shown by considering adoption, and we hope to speak with you about the information you want us to share with you about your child and their life ahead. 

Jenna & Joshua

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