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We are Ryan and Jeni

from Oregon

Stay-At-Home Parent? Yes

Adopted Children at home? No

Biological Children at Home? Yes

Pets? No

Ethnic Preferences? All Races/Ethnicities


Occupation: Store Owner

Education: BA

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Football, Travel, Coaching


Occupation: Stay-at-home Mom

Education: MA

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Exercise, Reading, Baking, Cycling

Dear Expectant Mother,

Sincerely, thank you for taking a moment to read about us.  We don’t know what you’re feeling but can only imagine this process is probably quite overwhelming.  We honestly do think your love for your child and your courage is inspiring and amazing. 

So, here’s us!  Ryan and Jeni love kids, being parents, and having a family.  We’re both wired that way and we believe God knew this when he brought us together.  We both grew up with adopted siblings and currently have several close couple friends who have adopted children—adoption is a pretty comfortable and normal thing to us.    We consider ourselves young, fun, energetic, and active. 

A brief sad part before more of the happy…. Ryan and I were both married before.  Both of our spouses cheated and divorced us.  Ryan had two children, Jeni was pregnant with her first baby.  This was a sad and very painful time for each of us.  A mutual friend of ours knew us both well and felt God leading her to introduce us.  She did, we began talking via Facebook and phone a lot—slowly opening up our hearts again.  One year later (here’s the happy again), we got married!  Fast forward…now, we have Ryan’s son and daughter, Jeni’s daughter, and one daughter together.  We are a beautifully blended family.  All the kids live with us full-time.  We are 100% family.  The kids consider each other 100% siblings.  We are very close.  Adoption and having family members you’re not biologically related to is normal to our children.  We believe that God brings families together.  He has a plan for each of us and our family as a whole.  Each of our children desperately desire one more sibling. Ryan and Jeni feel there is a puzzle piece missing in our family and we’re so excited to see what and who God brings into our family. 

Ryan loves sports, football especially.  He coaches our son’s football team and has season tickets to Oregon Ducks football.  We consider ourselves BIG U of O fans.  Jeni loves working out and eating healthy, going on long bike rides, kayaking in the river near our home, reading, and baking.  There are pretty much always muffins available for breakfast in our home (they usually contain mini chocolate chips).  Jeni also enjoys planning “play dates” with her friends and their children, taking the kids to “Story Time” at the library, and Starbucks!! Jeni was an elementary school teacher but is now a stay-at-home mom and loves it.  Ryan’s job is flexible so he is home every day when the kids get out of school.  We feel fortunate that the kids never need to go to daycare.  We love to travel--Hawaii, Disney World, Disneyland, and Mexico were some of our favorite trips. 

We live on the Pacific Coast just a few minutes away from the beach in the middle of dairy farm country.  When we look out our windows we see cows, horses, elk, deer, grass fields, a river, and mountains.  It’s beautiful!  Some of the fun things we enjoy doing right outside our home are: go fishing and swimming in the river, ride our 4-wheeler, bikes, and scooters, jump on our trampoline, and visit the brand new baby cows at the dairy farm next door. 

Every Christmas we, as a family, hike out and chop down our “perfect” tree together.  We also visit Zoo lights.  We have an Elf on the Shelf named Ginger (the kids named her) who makes a month-long appearance every December.  Every Easter, we do a giant egg hunt in the front yard.  In the summer, we are outside all the time.  We have a giant lawn out back so we do extreme slip-n-sliding.  The little ones like to splash in our blow-up pools and run around in their swimsuits.  We often walk down to the river and swim or kayak….and, of course, the beach is close by.  We eat dinner together every night, which is a great way to connect and talk as a family.  Ryan and Jeni pray with and tuck in the kids every night.  It’s a routine they’ve come to count on.

We honestly feel that God has this whole process in control.  He has a plan—a perfect and beautiful plan.  He loves you and your baby so very much.  He will direct you to where/who you should go and He’ll bring into our lives the right birth mother and child.  We have a lot of love to give and are so excited to see God’s plan unfold. 

Warm wishes,
Ryan & Jeni

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